Workplace glasses

What and how we need to see have completely changed over the last few years. Where in days gone, by it was enough to detect a wild beast far away, the life of modern human, for the great majority, happens at an arm’s length.

Instead of working at one desktop computer, we try to balance between different equipment and varying working distances in our everyday life. We bring small screens, like smartphones and tablets, close to our faces, while the viewing distances of larger screens can range from 60 centimetres to several meters. Using multiple monitors at the same time is also commonplace for us. These changed demands to see clearly up close create new challenges, especially for adult vision.

Traditional progressive lenses can offer clear vision over a large range of distances, from far to mid-distance to reading distance. Due to the lens structure, long-term close-up work may not be comfortable with progressive lenses: many people who work on a computer suffer from, for example, neck and shoulder problems, which could easily be overcome with proper workplace glasses. Very precise work is often difficult with standard multifocal lenses. The progressive lens user should invest in separate reading glasses, if their hobbies include for example reading, crafts, painting or building scale models.

In recent years, lens manufacturers have developed better and better lens solutions for working on the computer and office work. Our collection includes a variety of customizable lenses that allow us to tailor glasses that meet the requirements of your workplace vision-wise.

It is a good idea to find out the exact working distances for example with an occupational health nurse. Based on the measured distances, we can easily make workplace glasses that feel comfortable. Workplace glasses with the right prescription have been proved not only to help cope with the workload but also improve the employee’s efficiency. Don’t forget lens coatings that filter the blue light of computers, cell phones and televisions. The blue light is thought to strain the eyes and disturb the circadian rhythm.

You should need not suffer from workplace vision problems. Together we can surely find a comfortable and most workable solution whatever your work description is.


Photos: Pixabay