Mushroom foraging

I breath in the scent of a lush forest. I am heading for my own secret funnel chanterelle spot.  Even though I know no one else will be able to find it, every day a thought haunts me – will I be the first one there?

My rubber boots sink into the green mattress of the ground.

At first, of course, I do not find a single mushroom but after staring at the familiar mossy ground, the forest starts to reveal its treasures. My basket is filled with lovely, small mushrooms: I keep picking them here and there and even there. When I continue for long enough, I find myself with up with ingredients for a pasta dish. Thank you forest!

Arriving home, I put the water on boil in a big pot. The funnel chanterelles are already releasing the excess moisture, sizzling on the pan. I pour in a generous dollop of olive oil and a lump of butter. Next, I add some delicious garlic, some richly fragrant sage and a dash of salt. The only thing missing is a squeeze of lemon and I could – a secret between us – add a tiny pinch of sugar.

I pour my delicacy onto a blue-rimmed, deep plate, already full of steaming hot pasta. Shaves of freshly cut parmesan top the dish. Voilà!


Hope you have a delicious autumn!

Photos by Pixabay