Let the sun shine!

The days have grown longer and there is a promise of summer in the air. The change of season brings with it warmth and long-missed sunshine.

Wearing sunglasses is a style choice for many, but it is also a way to take care of your eye health. Excessive exposure of the eyes to the sun’s UV radiation can promote cataract growth and accelerate the aging of the skin around the eyes.

Sensitive eyes or incipient cataract often manifest as increased photosensitivity of the eyes. In such cases, a person becomes more sensitive to glare than before. This can be helped by favouring dark, solid-coloured lenses in sunny weather conditions.  Challenging, bright conditions such as driving after the rain on a shiny road, sailing on the high seas or a holiday trip at the equator require complete protection from sunglasses. Polarizing lenses ensure comfortable vision even in challenging conditions.

When considering a suitable lens colour for sunglasses, the following tips will help you get started: brown brings warmth to the landscape and improves contrast, grey reproduces colours most naturally, and green is a pleasing overall colour. The trend-conscious’ choice is mirrored lenses. As there are many options available with your own lens strengths, how would sunny yellow or ice blue lenses, for example, sound like?

A spring novelty on the lens front is a new, intelligent sunglass lens that adapts to the light conditions. When the sun shines from a clear sky, the lens is at its darkest, and in a semi-cloudy weather, the glasses lighten to adapt to just the right amount of light.

Wishing you a sunny day!


Photos: Pixabay