How to see when wearing a mask

Many of us are currently wondering how to combine glasses and a face mask. If you haven’t yet found a workable way, and don’t want your friend to draw hearts on the lenses of your foggy glasses, you might want to try a few little tricks to prevent fogging:


  • Wear a right size and shape of mask for your face. There are several models and materials, the best one can only be found by trying on different options.


  • Put on the mask before putting on your glasses. The best way is to place the mask as high as possible on your face, fairly close to the eyes.


  • If it is possible to shape the mask over your nose, shape it as tightly as possible along the nose and cheekbones.


  • If the mask is loose at the top, you can cross the ear loops.


  • Only now put on your glasses.


  • Glasses with nose pads sometimes work better with the mask, as they sit automatically farther away from the face, thus leaving a small air vent between the glasses, skin, and the mask.


  • Carefully remove the mask so that the glasses do not get caught in the ear loops and fall off.



Despite careful initial preparations, glasses can fog up, especially when you are talking and moving.

In these situations, anti-fog products may come in handy. There are a variety of products available. Others work faster and more precisely; others need a bit more effort but are also more effective.

Antifog cloths – the glasses are washed normally and allowed to dry. The lenses are then wiped with an antifog cloth. There are multiuse microfiber cloths as well as disposable ones. Microfiber cloths give fog-free glasses for up to eight hours and the same cloth can be used approximately 150 times. The cloth should not get wet as this may cause the cloth to lose effectiveness. Disposable cloths keep your glasses fog-free for approximately 24 hours.

Spray – spray the product on both sides of clean lenses and dry off the excess with a micro-fiber cloth, without removing all of the product.

Gel – wash your lenses carefully. Then spread the gel on both sides of the lenses and let dry. The product comes with a cloth that is used to polish the lenses once the product has dried. Gel is the best way to prevent fogging, but it requires a bit more effort.

For a while still, let’s focus on the positive of wearing a face mask – no need to apply lipstick or shave your beard. Remember to smile widely behind the mask. After all, your eyes are the window to the soul.

Let’s take care of each other and stay safe!