How to see when wearing a mask


Many of us are currently wondering how to combine glasses and a face mask. If you haven’t yet found a workable way, and don’t…

Book tips for summer


Laura Karlsson from the Finnish Bookstore Association compiled an compelling reading list for us for the summer.   A book is a friend –…

Mushroom foraging


I breath in the scent of a lush forest. I am heading for my own secret funnel chanterelle spot.  Even though I know no one…

The most beautiful day of summer


It is summer and morning is as beutiful as it can be. Under my arm, I hold a blue-striped pillow and a book I read…

How to take care of your glasses


What you use to clean your glasses with is no small matter. You should use a microfiber cloth and cleaning liquid meant for lenses.

Children’s glasses


When a child receives their first pair of glasses, they are just as important as they are for adults. The fit of the frame…