We take your eyesight needs to heart. Stunning frames transform into the perfect pair of glasses when they are fitted with lenses that are tailored to your individual eyesight and needs. We also cater lenses with special features and high prescriptions. Trusting only the best in business, our lenses are manufactured by the French Essilor, Japanese Hoya and German Zeiss. Our goal is to for you to feel at home in your new glasses, to look good and see better than ever.

Our opticians attend trainings regularly. We are all specialized in matters of style, and pride ourselves in personal and cordial customer service. Taking a genuine interest in your eyesight, we will tailor the perfect pair of glasses for you. Carefully taking into consideration how the lenses fit the frame will ensure a balanced and aesthetic pair of glasses. While aesthetics matter, making sure that your frames fit comfortably is equally important. By bending the temples of the frames, glasses fit well and are comfortable to wear. If desired, we offer you quality contact lenses. We also serve you in occupational vision matters. With us, you can find the best solution for your eyes in a serene and relaxed environment.

Salme Helander, entrepreneur, Optician of the Year 2006
Pilvi Lietzen-Nyberg, Optician
Sonja Mustamo, Optician
Saara Humalajärvi, Optician