How a thought becomes a frame


“Such a beautiful frame, stunning colors, marvelous details on the temple, this frame is like a piece of jewelry…” These are familiar comments that we…

Spring fever


Spring is coming – the sun and spring bear special importance this year. When we have had to reorganize our entire everyday lives, increased light…

Refractive errors and master pieces


Visiting the Louvre in Paris, you perhaps were left thinking about the soulful look of Mona Lisa. Did you wonder how Da Vinci brought about…

How to see when wearing a mask


Many of us are currently wondering how to combine glasses and a face mask. If you haven’t yet found a workable way, and don’t…

Book tips for summer


Laura Karlsson from the Finnish Bookstore Association compiled an compelling reading list for us for the summer.   A book is a friend –…

Mushroom foraging


I breath in the scent of a lush forest. I am heading for my own secret funnel chanterelle spot.  Even though I know no one…

The most beautiful day of summer


It is summer and morning is as beutiful as it can be. Under my arm, I hold a blue-striped pillow and a book I read…

How to take care of your glasses


What you use to clean your glasses with is no small matter. You should use a microfiber cloth and cleaning liquid meant for lenses.