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Do you protect your eyes as carefully as your skin?


We know that exposing the skin to strong sunlight contributes to premature skin aging, as all types of ultraviolet radiation damage the skin’s collagen.

Beautiful and sustainable


What can an individual person, or an optician’s, do for our environment? At Salme Optic, recently we have been thinking a lot about environmental issues…

Rely on your gut when shopping for frames


Photo: Jere Hietala Hanna Brotherus and Mikko Kuustonen came to us with the intention of buying new pairs of glasses. What was the reason…

A new life for your glasses


Have you accumulated a bunch of much-loved but utterly old-fashioned glasses in your drawers? They are not in use anymore, but you don’t have the…

Let the sun shine!


The days have grown longer and there is a promise of summer in the air. The change of season brings with it warmth and long-missed…

Workplace glasses


What and how we need to see have completely changed over the last few years. Where in days gone, by it was enough to…

How a thought becomes a frame


“Such a beautiful frame, stunning colors, marvelous details on the temple, this frame is like a piece of jewelry…” These are familiar comments that we…

Spring fever


Spring is coming – the sun and spring bear special importance this year. When we have had to reorganize our entire everyday lives, increased light…

Refractive errors and master pieces


Visiting the Louvre in Paris, you perhaps were left thinking about the soulful look of Mona Lisa. Did you wonder how Da Vinci brought about…